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Bay Windows vs Bow Windows - What's better?
July 26th 2020 | Revised July 26th 2020
Bay Windows vs Bow Windows - What's better?

Bay and Bow windows are known as Projection Windows, and they are a very popular way for homeowners to increase the curb appeal, increase functional space, and to expand the viewing area of a room.

If you're early in your search for window replacements, you may have previously heard of both Bay and Bow windows - but what's the difference?! Which style is best suited for your home? Below we'll outline the benefits of each and let you make that decision.

Bay Windows

A bay window is the combination of three or more windows that angle out beyond the exterior wall of your home. Since the window protrudes outside the wall, you can enjoy extended views and even additional seating space when adding the Head and Seat option.

The bay window has two "Flanker Windows" - these are the corner-most windows. You can set these to be a certain size, and fill the middle with the difference.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows also extend beyond the exterior wall but sweep away from the wall in an arch of four, or five windows. This elegant window style is typically larger than the bay window style and has more glass area because of curves instead of corners. Bow windows are a great way to make a room appear larger and brighter.

Windows inside of a Bow are all the same size.

Bay and bow windows can be installed in most large window openings. If you're looking for something new or to spice up your existing rooms, these windows may serve as great options!

Panes Window Manufacturing certified installers can expertly install both Bay and Bow windows.